Subaru Shows Trio Of Tuned WRX Imprezas At British Motor Show

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Subaru has unveiled a threesome of high-performance WRX Imprezas at the British International Motor Show today, one of which could even be considered a 911-killer. First of the three was a lightly massaged Subaru WRX-S, with power bumped from 230 HP up to a very respectable 251 HP. But that's a mere pittance compared with the Impreza WRX STI 330S and an Evo-killing 325 HP. And what's this? The Subaru Impreza WRX STI 380S? If you've been following along with the upward progression, it'll be no surprise this third one's a monster with 375 HP mill under-hood, good for a mind-bending 4.4 second run to sixty. Two of the three Subies will definitely be terrorizing the peaceful British public soon. Hit the jump to find out which.


As of this writing, the WRX-S and the STI 330S are "go" for limited production by way of Prodrive. Of course, our speed-addled minds only want to know about the 380S. Well, according to Subaru, the car is at least six months from public availability, and even then, subject to public demand. So all you hooligans out Great Britain way, feel free to let 'em hear your pleas.


* Three new high-performance Special Edition Imprezas
* 255 PS Impreza WRX-S at £22,495 OTR
* 330 PS Impreza WRX STI 330S for around £30,000 OTR
* Ultimate 380 PS Impreza WRX STI 380S concept

Subaru has scored a high-performance hat-trick for the British International Motor Show with the launch of no less than three new Special Edition new-shape Impreza models - two of which can be seen at the show.

All receive Prodrive engine upgrades plus comfort and styling tweaks, giving enthusiasts an unprecedented choice of sporty Subarus.

The 255 PS Impreza WRX-S costs a highly-competitive £22,495 while the 330 PS Impreza WRX STI 330S will be priced at around £30,000 (both on-the-road). First deliveries are expected in September.

Still in concept stage is the 380 PS Impreza WRX STI 380S which could become available within the next six months pending positive customer response.

Visitors to the show (July 23 to August 3, ExCeL, London) can see both the STI 380S concept and the WRX-S on Subaru's stand N23.

Impreza WRX-S Offers More Power And Style
Based on the new Impreza WRX, the 'S' model offers £4,500 worth of extras for a £2,500 premium, costing £22,495 OTR.

Banbury-based Prodrive has re-programmed the 2.5 litre 'boxer' engine's ECU (electronic control unit) and modified the exhaust system. This sees power leap from 230 PS at 5,200 rpm to 255 PS at 5,400 rpm while the torque improvement is even greater, growing from 236 lb.ft at 2,800 rpm to 287.6 at 3,000 rpm - a staggering 51 lb. ft more.

Maximum speed remains at 130 mph but the 0-60 mph time drops from 6.1 seconds to 5.5 seconds. Naturally, in-gear flexibility is greatly enhanced.

The new Impreza WRX-S also boasts 18x7.5 ins anthracite GT1 alloy wheels with 225/40 tyres, an STI front grille, STI front lip spoiler and STI rear wing and body-colour tailgate moulding.

Also standard is a MOMO 'Air-Race' gearknob while the colour choice is between San Remo Red, WR Blue Mica, Obsidian Black Pearl and Satin White Pearl.

Standard equipment on the Impreza 2.5 WRX-S includes front and rear spoilers, side skirts, a rear diffuser, leather-covered steering wheel, all-wheel drive, a rear limited-slip differential with Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control, 10-speaker, six-disc radio/CD player and xenon headlamps.

Impreza WRX STI 330S Brings Back The Burble
The new Impreza WRX STI 330S also benefits from a Prodrive Performance pack with modified ECU and exhaust system - this time with paired twin 90 mm diameter stainless steel exhaust pipes to bring back the burble so loved by 'scooby' fans.

Power goes up to 330 PS at only 5,400 rpm compared to the 300.5 PS at 6,000 rpm of the standard model.

Torque is boosted from 300.2 lb ft at 4,000 rpm to 346.6 lb ft at a lower 3,400 rpm making for an even swifter, effortless driving experience.

Top speed is the same 155.3 mph but the 0-60 mph time drops from an already swift 4.8 seconds to only 4.4 seconds.

Expected to be priced at around £30,000 OTR, the new Impreza WRX STI 330S has an especially luxurious specification - even compared to the already well-equipped standard STI which costs £26,595 OTR.

Upgrades include leather-covered Recaro front seats, satellite navigation, Smart-entry and push-button start.

Visually, the new special-edition sports new five-spoke 18x8.5 ins alloy wheels wearing 245/40 R18 tyres. It will be available in the full range of STI colours.

Standard equipment on the Impreza WRX STI includes a six-speed gearbox, Si-Drive giving three different engine response modes, a Multi-mode Driver Control Centre Differential, Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control and - of course - symmetrical all-wheel drive with front and rear limited-slip differentials.

Show-Stopping WRX STI 380S Concept
Sure to be a crowd-puller is Subaru's range-topping special edition Impreza WRX STI 380S which previews at the London International Motor Show.

Dubbed a concept, the STI 380S could reach dealers within six months pending positive response. Its final specification will be finalised following customer input and will be hand-built to order.

The STI 380S will include a complete engine rebuild by Prodrive with many up-rated components to reliably achieve the target 380 PS.

Improvements over the standard Impreza WRX STI will include uprated suspension and exhaust system plus an enhanced body kit.

Other visual changes will be the option of either gold or silver-coloured 18x8.5 ins BBS alloy wheels with 245/40 tyres.

[Source: Subaru and WCF]



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