Subaru Justice: Police Nab Man Suspected In Portland Subaru Thefts

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Today, justice has symmetrical all-wheel drive and a boxer engine. Police in Portland have arrested a man they believe stole dozens of older Subarus and Toyotas in the city over the past few months.


Oregon Live reports that John D. Lorenz III, 40, has been charged with 18 felonies, six counts each of first-degree theft, possessing a stolen vehicle and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Detectives had said earlier that they believed the notorious Portland Subaru thief would make a stupid mistake and get caught.

This is exactly what happened.

On Sunday evening first responders were called out to a running car where they found Lorenz slumped the steering wheel inside. In the car police found a brass punch, a ring of eight car keys, tools for car theft, a pipe and some heroin.


Last month 90 Subarus were stolen in Portland, a sharp spike from the typical 20 or so. All were older models from the 1990s. Police had suspected one man was behind the crimes, possibly with a drug addiction who was using the cars to get around and sleeping in them. They believed he used a shaved-down "jiggle key" to enter the Subarus.

Detectives say Lorenz's fingerprints were also found on a stolen Toyota 4Runner and on the bodies of several stolen Subarus, some of which were returned to owners after being abandoned.


Lorenz's bail was set at $91,000. The many Subaru wagons and sedans of Portland can breathe a sigh of relief.

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