'Subaru Has Now Fast-Tracked Its Legacy Sedan'

Yesterday I tried to break down why Americans can't stop, won't stop buying Subarus. Sure, they're great cars, but few of them these days are also great-looking cars. You know what I miss? The last-generation Legacy, especially in Spec B trim.


That was a sexy little sedan. Very clean, very understated, very athletic. And in Spec B form, it was like a mini-WRX STI for grown-ups with a six-speed manual and a respectable 243 horsepower. It also had the SI-drive AWD adjustment goodies from the STI.

John Davis and the MotorWeek seem to enjoy its acceleration and its handling prowess. They also dug its stealthy design.

Sadly, Subaru doesn't even make a Legacy GT anymore. That's a shame. The old Legacy seemed a lot more special than the bloated current one.

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