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Subaru Forester, Next-Gen?

Illustration for article titled Subaru Forester, Next-Gen?

On the road that dare not straight its name, one car stands out. Actually, it's a prototype spies say hearkens a new Subaru Forester with fewer right angles than today's model and a longer wheelbase than the current Outback. Add to that a wider track and you've got a model that'll surely cannibalize two-thirds of the Subaru line. What will remain for the Outback and Tribeca? Wider, longer and lots more room for golden retrievers and protest signs. Well done. [Winding Road]


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Underneath the Outback sheetmetal is the important part. RTFA and they guess that the pics are of a rigged-up Outback body slapped onto a new Forester chassis. Not sure why Subaru would want a Big Forester, I like my little one just fine.