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Subaru BRZ: The Movie

Subaru's dropped their reveal video for the Subieyota — the Subaru BRZ — up on YouTube and it features some great slow-motion driving clips. There's also some engine noise — for like a second. Sadly, both the engine note and the rest of the video are drowned out by a ridiculously bad soundtrack.


But whatever, super awesome Subie Boxer handling action!

But, if you want to hear a bit more of that glorious engine note, check out the first 15 seconds of this video. The rest of the clip? Yeah, can't understand a damn thing. I think there's a moment where Subaru driver Tetsuya Yamano says something about pulling an escape hatch, but I don't think I read anything anywhere about an ejection seat.


Maybe it's a JDM-only option.

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WANT! Now, how do I convince my wife that we need it?