Subaru Brings The Power To NYC, One Tiny Electric Car At A Time

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Subaru's is bringing its tiniest alternative energy cruiser, the R1e electric car, to New York for a little testing in the Big Apple. And while we're currently being powered by soggy french fries, this NYC transplant will get its motivation from Subaru's own lithium ion batteries, which offer a few unique features. For one, these batteries allow for a two-minute fast charges that doesn't damage the batteries. Additionally, the battery packs have been designed in layers so that they can be easily recycled.


Only two of the R1e's will be seeing service in New York as vehicles for, appropriately, the New York Power Authority. Like most new arrivals to New York, this strange two-seater will likely pursue a music career but end up prostituting itself to various politicians for a "quick charge." No matter what happens, we're sure the R1e will be at least a "three diamond" ride. [MotorTrend]



According to Wikipedia:

R1 is available with FWD. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Scoobie.

R1 has a supercharged version with a whopping 63hp.

R1 is the basis for the Prodrive P2. I wish the P2 was some sort of Impreza STi WRX Coupe Ultimate Crazy version that we could actually buy.