Subaru Announces Price of 2006 Legacy 2.5 spec.B

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Unlike in Japan, where Subaru's Legacy GT spec.B is a barn-burner of a sports sedan, the US model will be more of a loaded-to-the-headliner touring carriage. Subaru announced the MSRP of its 2006 2.5 GT spec.B will be $34,620 — including a 2.5-liter turbocharged Boxer engine, producing 250hp and 250 lbs-ft. of torque, hooked to a five-speed manual transmission. It comes with lots of toys — including Bilstein shocks and a nav system — making it a car for dads who commute to work on winding secondary roads, and who'd rather be dipped in giant martini glass and burned alive by mid-career investment bankers than drive a German sedan.

Subaru Launches Legacy Spec B [internal]


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