Stunt-driven Willys Jeep pairs coffee with donuts

In Colombia's coffee-growing mountains, a yipero is an all-purpose Jeep driver and loader. The most famous knows how to load his 1954 Willys Jeep with enough beans to spin itself while he stands on the roof. Mmmm, donuts and coffee.


Caught by Chief Pontiaxe at the Smithsonian's Folklife Festival on Sunday, driver Jhon Jairo "Guama" Amortegui is apparently famed in his home region for his driving skills, learned from his father, which he uses to haul coffee and other goods. If you're espresso gives you an unexpected jolt every so often, this may be the reason.

Thanks to Chief Pontiaxe for the video!

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Huell Howitzer

My grandparents had this guy in their house when I was a kid. The "hook" in back is a little wheelie bar- it drove exactly like the jeep in the video.