Stuff Spectators Bring To Watch A Race, Ranked

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Not everything looks as cool and provides as much shade as a sombrero. I'm just saying.


24. Radio/computer to watch or listen to something else***

23. Hats of the obnoxiously tall variety**

22. Seat cushions

21. Signs/banners, purchased

20. Non-DSLR cameras

19. Phones

18. Smuggled-in munchies

17. Hats, non-motorsports-related

16. Stuff for drivers to autograph

15. Radios to hear public commentary broadcast

14. Chargers and/or spare batteries

13. Radios to spy on team chatter

12. Binoculars

11. Signs/banners, homemade

10. Cash money

9. Smuggled-in drinks

8. Blankets

7. Hats, motorsports-related

6. DSLR cameras

5. Sunglasses

4. Masks

3. Sombreros

2. Sunscreen

1. Puffalumps*

*If a driver gives Fluffy Bunny a hug and it's not caught on camera, Fluffy Bunny still got that hug.


**If this is you, you're sitting in a crowded grandstand, and you're already pretty tall, your hat is bad and you should feel bad.

***Dude, go home.

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notice the absence of earplugs from this year's list.