Study Finds People In Blue Cars Drive Like Total Psychos

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People in red cars are always the ones saddled with the reputation of being angry, speed limit-flouting daredevils with no regard for their fellow man. But a new study says you really have to watch out for blue cars.

Canada's Globe and Mail reports on a new study of British drivers conducted by conducted for VoucherCodesPro, a discount coupon website, which revealed that "drivers in blue cars were most prone to aggressive driving and bouts of road rage."

Maybe that explains all those speeding tickets I got when I had a blue WRX. I always figured it was just the power.


The study says the second-most aggressive drivers owned black cars, followed by silver, then green, and red way down the list.

What kinds of cars do these aggressive drivers own? I don't think this should come as a surprise to us: according to The Daily Mail, the study says BMW owners are the most road rage-y people out there. Other aggressive driving brands include Land Rover, Audi, Subaru and Vauxhall.

I'm always skeptical of surveys like these, especially since VoucherCodesPro's study only sampled about 2,800 people. Still, this isn't the first time science (or even quasi-science) has called out BMW drivers.


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My BMW is Arctic Blue which has a silver tone to it. Does that mean I have to add the two colors together to get my rage score, or is the blue mitigated somewhat by the silver tone? I'd really like to know how much of a douche I'm expected to be.

I've tried not using my turn signals, but that drives me insane(r).

Any help is appreciated.