Study boasts the uses of aluminum over steel

According to a new study at the Center for Automotive Research's (CAR) Business of Plugging In conference, opting for high-strength, low-weight aluminum over heavier steel structures for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles can cut vehicle price overall by reducing the battery energy requirements and the associated costs. The study ...

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Geo Metro Man

Proof once again that the future is full of green cars that are safe, light weight, and completely out of the price range of the ordinary person. Plus, doesn't aluminum corrode faster than steel and have much less fatigue strength at the same time? I know it has a better strength to weight, but the price is why it is not used in more cars as a main structural component. No, what we need is a cheap, lightweight, strong composite material made from recycled waste materials. Something like Duroplast. Strong as steel, and made from textile waste. Trabants and Wartburgs were made from it for 30 years, why not use it in a modern car? #cartechanautomotiveblogfromcne...