Student Builds '65 Mustang from 4,000 Beer Cans

Illustration for article titled Student Builds '65 Mustang from 4,000 Beer Cans

One of the benefits to alcoholism is the sheer quantity raw materials you can accumulate. And considering aluminum is the weight-saving metal of choice among carmakers, perhaps it would behoove the auto industry to be run by a bunch of drunks. That's not to say the guy who built this '65 Mustang facsimile out of Bud cans is an alky, but the 23-year-old UK design student did put down a Budweiser four-pack each day for three years, collecting 4,000 cans for his Mustang project. It sure beats the hell out of our own "beer can scale model of the East Rutherford, New Jersey interchange" we once built for a friend as a travel aid. It didn't help; he's still out there somewhere. [Carscoop]

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To me, at least, the front end of the sculpture more closely resembles an ol' Wagoneer than anything else. And why *in the world* is he sporting the Scarecrow's mask from Batman Begins?

ON the subject of making things out of other things, I know an art student who collected enough Ortho Tri-Cyclen wrappings to sew together into a dress.