Stuck In Desert, Crazy Frenchman Builds Motorcycle Out Of Busted Citroën 2CV

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When you're stranded in the Moroccan desert with ten days of rations and a basket-case 2CV, do you give up? Hell no! You do what Emile Leray did!

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure exactly what he did, since all the info I can find on this car is in French (my knowledge of which pretty much starts and ends with "force de frappe"), but the photos tell enough of the story to make it clear that we're dealing with a junkyard god here. According to tipster and Project Car Hell Poster Child Franzouse: "ok, so the guy didn't have to pose in his speedos, but what an awesome nut job! (if you scroll around the site you'll see he's also built a boat... )
[Chameu d'acier, Foutraquegarage]