Stuart Appleby's BMW M5 Ute, Now In Full Detail

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It didn't take long after showing you the unveiling of Stuart Appleby's now finished BMW M5 Ute before reader Gustav hit us up with a link to Stuart's favorite hangout at, where a raft of high-resolution images have been posted. These new shots confirm what we suspected: This is one lusty beast of custom-camino perfection. Some of the style may be a bit over-the-top, but remember this thing makes its home in Australia, so it has to fit in. While the M5 Ute hasn't hit the dyno yet or "tested the chassis," the builders are projecting grunt in the range of 460 HP. We hope Mr. Appleby maintains his relationship with Bridgestone as we imagine he'll require frequent replacements for those 275/30R20 rear tires. Many more images after the jump.



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