Police in Springfield, Mass., arrested Luis Correa, 19, after street racing his Mitsubishi Eclipse. When the local newspaper wrote up the arrest, Correa took to its website to talk some smack about his racing skills and a reporter.

Even though his incident warranted only a brief on the website of The Republican last weekend, Correa jumped in to defend his honor after it ran. Using an Eclipse engine code for a username, Correa corrected the spelling of his name in the story and clarified that his Eclipse beat the "p.o.s." Honda it had faced off against (similar to the "race" captured above.)

When reporter Greg Saulmon apologized to Correa for the mispelling, the taunts got personal:

Correa also challenged forum members who questioned his own racing skills. Despite a Massachusetts law allowing the state to force owners caught street racing into forfeiture, Correa didn't seem troubled by the potential loss of his Eclipse:


Saulmon suggested to Correa he could do a story on the economics of street racing. We have a feeling Correa has some legal concerns that might impact those earnings.

(H/T to Ken!) [MassLive.com]