Strap In For 18 Minutes Of Raw Behind-The-Scenes Mad Max Footage

Mad Max: Fury Road is nothing short of a full-on two-hour assault for the senses. Even though you’ve been told that almost all the stunts were real, it’s almost hard to believe when seeing it on the big screen. So here’s over 18 minutes of raw footage, so you can see them really doing it for yourself.

Dudes swinging on poles, massive explosions, a flamethrower or two, and all those insane vehicles are all really there, out in the Namibian, South African, and Australian deserts. In the flesh.

Of course, not seeing it in 24 frames per second, full-on IMAX 3D as I saw it in this weekend makes the real deal almost look a bit hammy, but it doesn’t diminish the sheer size and spectacle of the thing. While watching this video, you get the distinct sense that there was absolutely no limit on what resources would be spent to achieve George Miller’s Australian post-apocalypse where there are no rules and no vegemite. This raw behind-the-scenes footage does nothing to belay that feeling.


Also doing nothing to belay that feeling were reports from the Namibian desert that Warner Brothers had to send a guy out there to keep tabs on everything because the production was running so over its budget and time constraints.

But if a guy wants a massive party truck with four taiko drummers and a Doof Warrior, I’m not going to stop him.

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Ima just say, that guy on the guitar. Best part of the movie.