Ever seen a Corvette and wished it looked more like a vintage pickup truck? We haven't either, but that seems to be the line of thought that brought this odd vehicle to life. Currently listed on Ebay, this third generation 'Vette has the face of a vintage pickup truck and the body of an aging beauty with way too many modifications.

It's hard to say exactly why the Corvette has been the recipient of so many questionable custom modifications. From the terrible body kits of the 70s to the terrible body kits of today, people have been making bad choices when customizing Corvettes for some time. This custom 'Vette may not have been professionally built, but it still manages to uphold the time honored tradition of poor decisions in Corvette modification.

One look at Craigslist is a good reminder there is no shortage of cheap rubber bumper third generation Corvette project cars. Unlike more pedestrian models, people tend to hold on to their smashed up or broken down Corvettes instead of sending them off to the junkyard. The lack of any stock front end body parts suggests it may have been an accident that led to the creation of this custom Corvette.


Where there was once the long nose of a Corvette is now the imposing front sheet metal of a 1939 Plymouth truck. An old Chevrolet tailgate sits where you would expect to see the Corvette's signature dual taillights. Old signs and antlers serve as door panels and the sides of a vintage truck sit atop the car's "trunk".

Having spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a late 70s Corvette, we can only imagine what kind of strange handling characteristics the extra weight up front has given this vehicle. The owner seems unconcerned though, according to the listing this creation just completed an 800 mile road trip. With a little over two days left bidding has already reached $3150. Amazingly, it appears from the bidding there are some people attracted to the idea of a Corvette that looks vaguely like a vintage pickup truck.