Storybook Ending Eludes Datsun 280ZX-Engined Firebird

We were hoping— without much basis in anything resembling reality— that the L28ET-powered 3rd-gen Firebird would utterly dominate this weekend's LeMons race. Sadly, a roaring engine fire ended the aptly named FireKats' run at a major trophy.


The FireKats were doing pretty well through the middle of Sunday's race session; no hope for a win on laps, but a sure thing for a Class win (Class Ugly often produces the most exciting competition in LeMons racing). Then, trouble on the track exit. Damn!

The well-roasted FireKatMobile was finished for the weekend, which left the way clear for the Little Buckaroo Baja Bug to grab the Class Ugly trophy.


This race also featured the debut of the LeMons Supreme Court official BAKSHEESH! T-shirt. Here we see Judge Anna modeling a neckline-modified green BAKSHEESH! shirt.


Pretty cool, eh? Plenty of racers went home with BAKSHEESH! shirts, including Chief Perp Jay Lamm... who ended up getting cavity-searched in a concrete interrogation chamber— or at least sweated for quite a while— by angry TSA enforcers at Denver International. It turns out that the TSA doesn't approve of shirts printed with Arabic words. Who knew?

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.

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