Stop Talking Crap: Not the Corvette LS9

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We've been getting a bunch of tips regarding the rumored Corvette LS9 motor allegedly in development. Unfortunately, they've all come from some guy trying to promote his Corvette community site using false information. We took the bait somewhat, posting on an alleged drawing of the engine in question, but this time he's gone way too far. He's posted a shot of a chrome LS2 fitted with a Roots-type supercharger along with some cock-and-bull about a "reliable source" indicating it's a prototype of the LS9 Corvette engine. Of course, anyone who's seen the retro-rod concept recently shown in Australia, the Holden EFIJY Custom Coupe would know right away where that motor is from. There's your link, now f-off. [Update: In our tipster's defense, he says, he was just showing what he felt was a very closely related engine, and that the Efijy uses other Corvette components in its build. He also says he'll soon have even more supporting evidence of the "Blue Devil Corvette's" existence.]


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