Stop Crowding Underpasses Just Because You'll Get Reamed By Hail

I do not hail from a state that gets a lot of hail (get it? It's a pun, sort of!), but something about completely crowding underpasses to the point where every last bit of traffic gets jammed up behind you does not seem necessary or safe.


Mostly it's unnecessary because it's not exactly effective protection from the kind of small hailstones here that will probably ding your car at most. And it's unsafe because holy crap you're all trying to pack into a little underpass, holding up all the traffic on a major highway.

AND you're just being incredibly selfish, because all those other people behind you don't have protection, either.


AND maybe they just want to get home, where they can park their car in their garage, where it'll actually be safe.

AND you're a jerk.

AND you're also parking on the median, which is probably also not the safest.

AND what if there's a tornado, as seen in the beginning of this video? Underpasses are pretty much the opposite of where you should be in a tornado. After a car, of course.

AND what the hell?

You know what, just don't live in places with hail. I hear France is very nice. I don't remember any hail this one time I went to France.


Move to France.

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I've found an image of the drivers parked under the overpass.