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Still think the MDX is ugly (or cheap looking)? Can’t bring yourself to grow-up and get a minivan? Fear not, Lexus just announced that a 3-row version of the hot-selling RX crossover is coming late 2017 or early 2018. They’re going to sell a billion of these.


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People need to grow up and not care so much what others thing. When we need to do a long trip in comfort, we use the right tool for the job

Comfort? Yes. Style? Apparently not so much...

One trip we were getting back on the interstate and a hitchhiker actually looks over and sees us, then hastily retracted their thumb and tried not to make eye contact. Poor thing looked a little scared.

That said, they will probably sell a million of these things: people just can't bring themselves to get the right tool for the job so they buy the prettiest Swiss Army knife.