What happens before a stick-on vent addiction? Sheepskin seat covers? Fuzzy dice? I guess the best thing is to never linger too long in a Pep Boys.

This post from Autofocus that we shared today is a Must Read for any of you who are, or know someone who is, suffering from a stick-on vent addiction. And especially those who own an electric car. In the future, maybe EV proliferation will kill the market for these tacky shiny things.


I liked the whole conversation started by macanamera:


But do you know about these:

That's right. A stick-on exhaust. Can we get someone to line their prius with these? OR TESLA


I've gotta buy one of these for my girlfriend's new Spark EV...

OK, those would be ridiculous on a Spark of any kind. Brilliant.

Photo: Shutterstock

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