Steven Tyler's Panoz can be the toy in your attic for $100,000

If you've ever wondered, "How much would it cost to buy a Panoz roadster that once cosseted the bony posterior of Aerosmith singer/Gap pitchman Steven Tyler?" consider the mystery solved — although $100,000 might seem high.


As CelebrityCars notes, rock goblin Tyler sold his rare Panoz roadster a few years ago, and now the new owner has it sittin' on the dock of eBay. To verify its celebrity lineage, the owner has noted that Tyler autographed the engine cover and owner's manual, and includes this image of Tyler jubilating over a VW New Beetle:

While there were only 220 Panoz roadsters ever built — all powered by Ford V8s — they never captured enthusiast attention in the way an Ariel Atom or Caterham Seven could. Consider that $100,000 would buy two copies with lower miles from this Georgia dealership with enough left over for singing lessons, and $100,000 seems steep — even for the seller, who is "a star in the movie The Secret." Maybe he's just so accustomed to wishing.

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