There are about as many flavors of Porsche 911 out there as there are flavors of ice cream — 4S, Targa, Cabriolet, Turbo, and many more. But none are quite as special as the famed RS models, and that’s true even today with beasts like the 991 GT3 RS. What makes them so great?

The folks at eGarage turned to several owners to find out, including one guy who definitely knows what he’s talking about — Chad McQueen, son of a guy who was in a couple movies you may have heard of and knew his way around a race track or two.


In this beautifully-shot video, he and other owners explain how it’s like the 911 version of that Spinal Tap quote: a little extra, that goes to 11.

Top collector Robert Ingram also explains the lure of the 1973 911 2.7 RS: “Today, any serious 911 collection needs to have one of those.”

As a future serious 911 collector (current count: zero) I’ll get right on that.

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