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Steve Harris Takes Top PR Spot at GM

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tom Kowaleski, GM's public-relations czar, is stepping down March 1st, to be replaced by none other than Steve Harris. We're longtime fans of Steve, having seen him at both the sadly defunct Cal Expo Amphitheatre and at the Concord Pavilion with his group, Iron Maiden. In fact, our terrible high school metal band, Cynical Threat, cut its teeth on his songs before moving on to originals like "Born to Kill" and "The Blood That Runs." We own many of his albums, including Iron Maiden, Live After Death, Piece of Mind and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. And over fifteen years after we first heard his music, we still listen to it regularly.

So Steve, have we done enough kissing up to get Jalopnik off your PR blacklist now? We'll totally come see you next time you play Long Beach, especially if at the next LA Auto Show, you get Bruce to implore the media types to "Scream for me Los Angelees! Scream for me Los Angelees!" That'd totally kick the LaNeve/Leno show to the curb. Up the Irons!


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