Stephen Colbert First To Recognize Importance Of Yellow To A Car's "P***y Magnetism"

Anyone else remember when Stephen Colbert was just some guy searching for some other guy named Mr. Goodwrench? Yeah, we remember. But hey, who knew at the time he realized the importance of driving a ride with such "P***y magnetism?" So, despite the fact he'll most certainly lose the race with Kevin Harvick, he'll win the war with the women of the world. Ladies, be careful — watching this clip may make your panties drop. You've been warned.


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@GoKarter: @bmoredlj: I'd like to extend a formal invitation to the Internet. You see, the Internet is a wonderful place full of mystery, filled with dragons, Godwin's Law, kittens, nudity, 1337 h4x0rz, and anything with David Hasselhoff. Enjoy your stay, but don't stay too long or you may go mad. Mad! MAD! AHAHAH.

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The King of the Internet.