Stephane Ortelli Walks Away From Spectacular Crash At Monza Today

Stephane Ortelli was lucky to walk away, or perhaps we should say "limp away," from this horrific crash in Le Mans series racing at Monza today. The Courage Oreca racer driven by Ortelli was approaching the opening chicane when he went off the course and the aerodynamics on his car suddenly turned on him. A modern racer is designed to create such great downforce it is as though the car is being sucked to the ground. Unfortunately, when you lose that you can end up doing somersaults. As amazing as it is that Ortelli escaped without serious injury, it's even more impressive to see how Allan McNish was able to guide his Audi just out of the path of the out-of-control Oreca. We'd probably be too busy mouthing "There's no way that car is gonna hit us" to actually get out of the way. [YouTube via MaximumMotorsport]

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Raphael Orlove

I can hardly believe how close that was. I just can hardly believe it.