Stefan Eriksson Arrested!

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Wither Dietrich?

Enzo-crash survivor, Gizmondo ex-exec, dubious Homeland security agent and alleged Swedish mafia denizen and counterfeiter, Stefan Eriksson got a visit from Johnny Law last night — and they took him for a ride in their Crown Vics. After months of investigation, Eriksson was arrested at his Bel Air home on suspicion of grand theft, though, according to reports, it's unclear whether authorities believe he stole the Ferrari Enzo that became carbon-fiber eBay merchandise on a Malibu highway last February. They do believe the stole something, however, and slapped an immigration hold on him. More to come. [Thanks to Damon for the tip.]


Rare Ferrari Crash Driver Arrested For Car's Theft [CBS (hat tip to Drivewire)]

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