Startech Tunes the Dodge Caliber

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Schneller gehen! Brabus's Chrysler-focused tuning brand, Startech, has added new performance products for every Mopar product that's made the leap to the old world. This time, it's the Dodge Caliber's skirt that's been hiked. Startech's new line of performance and cosmetic accessories would likely give Dr. Z that brain-bubbly feeling of German-American cooperation (also known as the Mercedes bends). On the performance end, they've fashioned a control module that boosts output of the 2.0-liter CRD diesel by 40 hp (to 180 hp) and torque from 229 to 266 lbs-ft. Like the company's other model-specific lines, stainless-steel exhaust, 19" and 20" Monostar wheels and an aero kit are also available.

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