Star-Spangled Scout Lurks Behind The Orange Curtain

Normally we like to show street-parked cars in this series, but we're making an exception for this International Harvester Scout that parks in the driveway at БЯд╒╒ ®'s place in Orange County's lovely Huntington Beach. The fading on the stars-and-stripes motif suggests that the custom paint job was laid down around the time of the US Bicentennial. I'm going to say this is a '66, but I could be off by a year or two. БЯд╒╒ ® has spotted several other quality DOTSBE cars in his neighborhood, so we'll be sure to share his photos.

And, since we're in a Huntington Beach sort of mood now, let's catch the Vandals' performance from Suburbia, as our favorite OC boys explain why Patrick Edward Brown is no zero:


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