SSC Ultimate Aero II: A Closer Look

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The SSC Ultimate Aero II photos we showed you last month were just a glimpse of the car designed to take the title of "fastest production car" back from the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Now we've got more detailed shots.


Top Gear's been the only outlet to get their hands on the drivetrain-less rolling prototype, and they were nice enough to share some more detailed photos of the Jason Castriota-designed second-gen SSC Ultimate Aero.

The details here are important, because the car's similar to the original Ultimate Aero TT in many ways, including the triple-disc transmission and much of the engine. What's different is the new look, the single-piece carbon fiber wheels, active air-brake, and other details designed to push it over the 268 mph mark.



Jonathan Harper

I'm really digging the F-18 style blade spoilers sticking up in the rear.

That looks badass.