Squirrels and Datsuns, Contd.: A Chipped ZX

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In our Friday edition of What’s This Engine Bay, a mention was made of a Datsun 280ZX with a squirrels’ nest in the engine bay without photographic proof. A reader has come to our rescue!


Bob Moran’s picture shows that squirrel-like rodents—chipmunks (Tamias sp.) in his case—do indeed fancy old ZX’s.

Further pictures of the Sciuridae family mingling with Nissan Motor Company products, including but not limited to prairie dogs infesting Titans and flying squirrels outaccelerating GT–R’s, are more than welcome in the comments.

Photo Credit: Bob Moran


Jonathan Harper

Damn flying squirrels must really be putting out some stonkin' torque numbers.

Maybe zey turnt' up ze boost!