Here's your chance to own a house that "belonged" to Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair, the 2012 presidential candidate you've never heard of.

Actually legal-named Missionary-Tracey claimed to be a write-in candidate for last year's election right next to Obama and Romney, and even posed next to a portrait of our nation's first president to prove it. FYI: She didn't win.

It's assumed Blair was representing the Rent Is Too Damn High Party because last year she made headlines for illegally squatting in a historic mansion in Detroit's Boston-Edison neighborhood. Henry Ford once took up residence here, as did the founder of K-Mart and Chrysler 300 salesman Berry Gordy.

We've talked before about the difficulties of dislodging a Detroit squatter, and Blair was one of the toughest to ever come around. When the new homeowner purchased the home and left it unattended for a year (never, ever do this in Detroit, by the way, because scrappers), Blair broke into the house, changed the locks, furnished it, put a construction lien on the property and "even changed the curtains!" as a local and easily astonished news broadcaster explained at the time.

The befuddled homeowner and her one-year-old daughter returned to Blair living in their house and rather than forcing her out, decided to live together under one roof. "I guess that's what happens in Detroit," the homeowner said.


No, lady, Detroit's got a lot of crazy but even we draw the line at letting our infant children co-habitate with deranged write-in presidential candidate mansion thieves. Eventually the burden became too much for both women to bear and now the house is officially on the market as of a week ago.

Considering that former Detroit homes of presidential candidates are disappearing at an alarming rate, you might want to jump in on this pretty soon. And this might also qualify as "nice price or crack pipe," but the five-bedroom, 6,500-square-foot home is listed at a cool $19,000. Insert your "Detroit houses cost less than a used car" joke here.

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(51 Edison St., via Zillow)
(Photo via Facebook)