Spyker Sells Its... Name?

Yes, apparently so. Davey G. reported earlier that Spyker just got a hot 12.5-million Euro injection from Trafalgar capital and some other banks. But, according to the boyz under da hood at Mo-to Au-thor-o, to secure one of those loans, Spyker Cars sold their ever-lovin' name to Friesland Bank. Spyker (of course) is claiming that this is just a normal part of doing business. However, shadowy European stock market types are saying it's not so normal. At all. And that even though the Dutch supercar maker turned a profit in 2006, all is far from well. You will no doubt remember last week when Victor Mullen stepped down as CEO. Spyker shares have slid 17% since then. Our two cents: We finally saw a Spyker in the flesh and on the road a few days back and we have to admit that it was breathtaking. As such, we wish them luck because completely mad, fully extroverted rocket sleds make the world a better place. Though, "Friesland Bank C12 Zagato" sounds pretty whack.


Spyker hocks brand name to get loan [via Motor Authority]

Spyker Borrows Some Euros; Victor Muller Steps Down as Spyker CEO [Internal]

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