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You asked for an Opel model that won't likely find its way into a Saturn dealership, and we've got one. It's the Opel Agila, a distinctly European competitor to the Fiat Panda in the arena of high-roof, utility-oriented microcars. A heavily disguised test model of the new generation Agila, which is being co-developed with GM's friends at Suzuki, was recently spotted during high-load testing — a rigorious process during which the 70-hp car must pull a golf-cart trailer loaded with empty toilet-paper rolls up a slight incline. Many prototypes have attempted this test, with mixed results. Once, an unnamed automaker's top secret, 40-hp microcar, the Pimento — reportedly built for the Lithuanian market — imploded, leaving engineers slightly perturbed and a week younger. Nonetheless, the Fans of World Cars have a few more proto-Opels to show off, if only you'd click through.

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