Again with the spy shots? Darfurian orphans would be lucky to get one tenth as much press. Barack Obama caught playing seven minutes in heaven with Hillary? Half. Only a caged death match between Brangelina's spawn and Madonna's adopted kid (refereed by baby Suri, of course) could hope to generate as much media attention as the new BMW M3. Guys, listen — we can help here. The M3 is a lengthened 335i with a V8 packed underhood and some overly-aggressive bodywork. OK? That's it. It won't have wings, a fifth wheel or mouse ears. It's just a 3-series in a tight shirt. Besides, it will probably perform like a fat Corvette for 50% more money. So what's the big deal? Put your Canons down and back away from the Ring. Or in this case Lake Tahoe.

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