Spy Photos: New Jaguar XF To Get 500 Horsepower, Trailer Hitch

The boys over at Motor Authority worked a sexy deal with the German Dutch blog Auto G-spot to get some pics of the brand-saving, massively camoed Jaguar XF. And here's a curious detail that lit up our normally dour face. Excellent trailer hitch, Jag! Some of the engineers from Ford's Grace & Pace division rented a cottage and shop in Austria to do some development work on the new models. In addition to the very good looking XF, Jaguar's finest were also sorting out the upcoming 500-ish horsepower XKR GT3 that comes correct with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8. The really fantastic news? There's a good chance that hyper-mill may wind up in the XF. Meaning that the M5 is going to have even more to look over its shoulder for than just a dirty old stonked-out Caddy.


[Auto Gespot via Motor Authority]

Spy Photos: Jaguar XKR with JaguarDrive [Internal]

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