Spy Photos; More M3, Sans Top

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Well, look what popped up in Augsburg. It's the BMW M3 gone topless. Better to hear that new V8, we'd imagine, though keeping that toupe affixed may be of extra concern to some midlife-crisis buyers. It'll be slightly heavier than the coupe, thanks to typical body strengthening, which means a slightly slower zero-to-60 run than the coupe. That is, we hear, five seconds plus, compared to 4.8 for the coupe. We'll see it in Frankfurt ahead of an early '08 introduction in Europe.

BMW M3 Convertible and 6-Series facelift - spy shots [TopSpeed via Carscoop]

Spy Photos: BMW M3 Convertible [internal]

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[stating the obvious] It looks a bit like a prettier 6 series [/stating the obvious]

I haven't been that bothered by this up until now, but as long as it has decent rigidity, the cab' looks the business.