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AutoExpress has apparently confirmed the existence of a new Mitsubishi Evo sport wagon, or "estate" if monarchy's your thing (c'mon we kid the Queen!). Mitsu's slab-sided Evolution IX Estate had been mere conjecture in the states before these pics, taken at Tsukuba race track near Tokyo, surfaced ahead of the car's unveiling next month (Frankfurt?). But enthusiasts wondering how a southern annex would affect the boy racer's performance can rest easy โ€” according to a source, the greenhouse enhanced the Evo's weight distribution, actually improving grip over the sedan. In all, the wagon โ€” which shares the same chassis, six-speed manual transmission and turbocharged 2.0-liter engine โ€” came in just one second under its sibling's track time. Sources say it'll cost around $35,000, though there's no word yet on US release.

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