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Maserati's been busy using some of its newfound luxo-bux to develop a new line of coupes that will replace its current range. These days, the company (and new Alfa Romeo mentor) is running road tests on its upcoming models, which are cryptically disguised to resemble a splice on a dormroom lamp cord we once performed, using an entire roll of electrical tape due to chemically induced temporary OCD (don't ask). Spies from Automedia believe they've solved the mystery. Three new cars are reportedly in development: a Quattroporte-based 2+2 to replace the GT coupe, a cloth-top Spyder to compete with the Mercedes SL-Class and a four-seater CC with retractable hardtop. No word on when the first of these will arrive, but we've heard the 2008 model year will see the 2+2, and that's our bet. Any takers?

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