Spy Photos: Lotus Esprit, Maybe?

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Considering the Lotus Esprit replacement has been in development since the Clinton administration — and the only evidence we've seen has been a few test mules disguised as the previous model — these spy shots gave us a bit of the gibblies. Still, we have no idea from where AutoGespot procured these pics of what could be an in-development prototype. All we know is that it may have a BMW-sourced V8 and will likely launch in 2010. And possibly weigh as much as a sack of kittens, or so we hear.


Spied: 2010 Lotus Esprit!! [Winding Road]

Spy Photos: Lotus Esprit Test Mule [internal]

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I don't know. While I understand the marketeer's desire for a luxo super sport, $100G plus, strassefuhrer, I kind of like the current face of Lotus. Two and a half models is all they need in my opinion. Seriously, the basic barnstormer elise, upmarket track terror exige, and touring europa. Why the desire to stretch the engineering and capital resources?