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Spy Photos: Jeep Wrangler CRD

Illustration for article titled Spy Photos: Jeep Wrangler CRD

If there's anything like consensus among Jeep fans, it's that a CRD version is long overdue. Sure, you can get all the 2.8-liter, common-rail turbo-diesel Jeeps you want, so long as you're outside US airspace. We know the day will come when the new smoggers arrive on these shores, but is that day near? Do these shots, seen on indicate Jeep's ready to pull the trigger (and hey, is that green one a Gladiator pickup in disguise) ? Well, not exactly. These are most likely military vehicles built for export. Back into the waiting room with you, scalliwags!


3 CRD Wranglers sighted in the Soo & WTF? [Great Lakes 4x4]

Jeep to Discontinue Liberty Diesel [internal]

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Holding my breath for the 2nd gen DC BluTec diesel to make it into the Wrangler. Maybe by then they'll finally have a diesel that'll be Cali emissions compliant. Maybe. I'll probably be eligible for Social Security benefits by the time that happens.