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If you were paying attention earlier this year, you'd have already seen the spy shot of what was being referred to as the Hyundai "Mesa," Hyundai's coming full-size crossover SUV entry. Now, the company says the model will shed the proto-moniker and take on an equally southwest-evocative name, Veracruz โ€” the Mexican seaport established by explorer Hern n Cort s as a base camp from which to conquer Mexico in the name of Spain (this has been your Jalopnik History Minute, tip your waitress). The Car Connection reports the seven-passenger Veracruz, a 2007 model, will be larger than the Honda Pilot, roomier than the Mercedes GL-Class and more exciting than a plate of huevos rancheros (minus that last one). It'll get Hyundai's latest 3.8-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic, with optional all-wheel drive.

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