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Spy Photos: Hummer H3 SUT

Illustration for article titled Spy Photos: Hummer H3 SUT

Back in 2003, Hummer's H3T pickup concept gave potential buyers a new perspective on Hummer, beyond the military's go-anywhere truck and the subsequent square-box Chevy. Now, as some new spy shots that hit The Car Connection today indicate, it seems Hummer's been busy following that thread by working up an SUT version of the H3. It's a logical next model for the brand, which has ben stung by a decrease in demand for full-sized SUVs. The test mule, which looks like one of the Donner Party's transports — with a load of nothing in the rear camouflaged by a false box — appears to have a longer wheelbase than the stadard H3, a departure from the concept's stepside design. No word on what the big Humm's plans are for this one, but we'll be watching to see if GM considers it manifest destiny. [Hummer H3T Gallery]


Spy Shots: 2008 HUMMER H3 SUT [The Car Connection]

ASC Releases Preview of Detroit Concepts; Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Hummer H3, Part 1 [internal]


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Aside: the gallery feature isn't working well — at least for me. The thumbnails show a portion of the photo, not a smaller version which I would prefer (so I can actually see what I'm going to view larger) and when the photo is blown up, it extands past the edgo of the screen without a scroll bar, at least in Firefox.