Spy Photos: Henry Ford To Debut New "Horseless Carriage" In New York This Week?

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We've been covering this whole "horseless carriage" phenomenon for some time, but we're hearing this guy down the road from here's got a new way of making them. He's calling it "mass production" and it sounds like the cat's meow. In fact, with an emphasis on making workers jobs on this "assembly line" totally unimportant and meaningless, it's going to drop the cost of making these newfangled people-carriers to even the point that you or I can pick one up. And they're efficient — we're hearing the car, powered by a four-cylinder engine, will hit speeds of up to 45 miles an hour, and get 25 to 30 miles per gallon. Our spy photogs snapped the machine, which he's called the "Model T," and the machine's main man, Henry Ford, outside of his Dearborn-based "Motor Company" — hmm — we wonder. If he ends up calling it Ford, maybe we could start calling it Fo-Mo-Corp, or something like that. Anyway, we've no idea whether he'll be bringing it to New York this week — but we'll be on site in case he does, flash powder at the ready!

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