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Spy Photos: Ford Mondeo Wagon

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

The new European Ford Mondeo may be the most well-designed mainstream midsize wagon ever produced (at least since the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser). Damnation by the faintest of praise? Maybe. But Ford's European boys deserve their propers for creating a compelling form from the most banal parameters. There's talk one of Ford's Euro cars will be ported for US use. While we all want the Focus ST (judging from this poll), we might settle for the Mondeo Wagon if it comes with AWD and a Cosworth-tuned six. Priorities.


SPY PHOTOS: Ford Mondeo Wagon [World Car Fans]

Jalopnik Poll: Which Ford Europe Product Should FoMoCo Bring to the US?; More Mondeo: Ford's Prototype Midsize Wagon Revealed [internal]


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If they don't offer this paint job, I'll never buy one. This is the most awesome camo ever. Or, at least since Nissan's spray painted graffiti look.

I'm surprised the "tuner" crowd hasn't picked up on paint jobs like this. They'd certainly draw more attention.