Spy Photos: First Shots of Porsche Panamera Test Mule

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Well, there you go. Porsche's upcoming quad-door GT entry, the Panamera, appears to have finally emerged from Stuttgart in some coherent form. Of course this mule is still only a mid-cycle number, but unlike previous test beds that were mainly chassis prototypes beneath BMW (or Cayenne) bodies, this version hearkens the Panamera's shape somewhat. As such, we can begin estimating how close it comes to the "four door coupe" ideal that's been the descriptor of choice among by journos and industry types alike. What we have here is something more sedan-like than an early teaser sketch indicated, mainly owing to the placement of a prominent B-pillar. Nonetheless, we seem to be entering a new phase of development, though we won't see the final model for three years or so.


Porsche Panamera : premier prototype ! [Cardisiac via Motor Authority]

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