Spy Photos: Even More on the BMW 1-Series (2-Series?) Cabrio

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It might be the BMW 1-Series or the 2-Series, but either way a new entry Bimmer is coming to the US, and 2Addicts has a new set of spy shots as evidence. The photos arrive courtesy of spy shooters Hans Lehmann, et. al., from points cold and northward, and show with new clarity the cabrio that first broke cover last year. The short rear deck and overhangs indicate the extent of the US model's departure from the hatchlike 1-Series sold in Europe, and word is could get the 335i's turbocharged six, which — along with the shorty's lower weight — could mean a pretty mean little widowmaker. Hiho!

Exclamation BMW 1-series coupe / 2-series coupe (turbo??) first photos!! [2 Addicts]

Wait, What? US-Bound BMW 1-Series to Have Trunk; Spy Photos: S-M-All BMW Cabrio [internal]


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The roof looks like cloth stretched over metal, I think either the whole top is faux, or they threw one on to cover the lack of a finished rear window. Maybe they are bringing back the "Landau" roof? No, that would be too cool. Any way you cut it, it looks promising. Isn't the 3 series the new 5 series anyway?