Spy Photos: Chevrolet HHR SS

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We appear to have angered some members of one Chevy HHR forum, who've gotten all grumpy about how their beloved wagons have been portrayed of late on this site, f-in squids that they are (whoops, did we say that out loud?). Maybe they'll be less defensive when Chevrolet puts out a proper performance version, which could be soon if these pics on The Winding Road are an indication of HHRs to come. A telltale intercooler seems to suggest the HHR will get GM's new 2.0-liter turbocharged, direct-injection Ecotec four banger, which will put out 260hp in the upcoming Pontiac Solstice. It'd be a great move on GM's part, since such an HHR SS will best the Chrysler PT Cruiser GT's 230 hp. See guys? Good frickin' news, here. Come and get it.

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