Spy Photos: 2008 Ford Focus Coupe

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Meet the new Ford Focus, same as the old Ford Focus, but for a new, coupe-like body shape. Despite pleas from enthusiasts, Ford has sided with its accountants to build the 2008 Focus on the same underpinnings as the current model — not the up-to-date C1/P1 platform, which hosts the Mazda3, Volvo S40 and European Focus. But you knew that. What you may not have known is that Ford appears to be planning an un-hatched version, which Edmunds Inside Line surmises may end up as a higher-spec model. We'll get a better look at Ford's newbie this January, when it's unveiled at the Detroit auto show.


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Wait...so the 3rd-generation Ford Focus is going to be built on the PREVIOUS (1st gen) chassis? what a BOLD MOVE. everything i've read about the Euro/Asia-Spec Focus has been positive, if not GLOWING. Meanwhile the USDM Focus feels like a second-class citizen even amongst it's rental-fleet peers.

I thought the Focus was supposed to be a "world car". I guess the US doesn't count as part of the world.